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Yuba Sutter's FAQ's
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Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.  If you have a question that is not listed here, please feel free to contact us!

General Questions
Questions about The Business Directory

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Q: What is the Yuba Sutter Life?

A: Yuba Sutter Life is an organization created to compile a list of resources available in Yuba and Sutter Counties.  Go Back

Q: What Browser is the best to use to view the Yuba Sutter Life?

A: You should use either Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 3.0 or greater) or Netscape Navigator/Communicator (version 2.0 or greater). Your screen resolution should be set to at least 800x600 pixels. Go Back

Q: What is the Business Directory?

A: The Yuba Sutter Business Directory is a categorized and searchable electronic listing of local businesses, services, schools, parks, community organizations, government entities, and things to do and places to go in the Yuba Sutter area. If it exists, we try to categorize and list it for you. 

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Q: What do I do with the categories on the beginning page of the Yuba Sutter Business Directory?

A: Simply click on a category to retrieve a listing of sub categories under it. Click on a subcategory to list the locations associated with it. In both instances there may be more items that can be shown in a browser window. If that is the case you will find a 'Previous xx Listings', a 'Next XX Listings' or both on the page. Clicking on these will return their respective categories or locations.  Go Back

Q: I see there's a search feature, how do I use it?

A: There are two modes of searching. The default mode is 'Words'.

In this mode the search will return all subcategories or key words associated with the listing. (i.e., if you type in ''shop' the search will find the words ''shop', ''shops', ''shopper', ''shopping', etc.)

If you wish you can use the second mode of searching, 'Partial Words' by clicking on the radio button next to it. This will allow you to search for partial words. (i.e., if you type in the word 'inter' the search will return listings associated with the words 'internet', 'printers', 'painters, 'intereor design', etc.) The search feature will default to the first method of searching after a search so the 'Partial Words' feature must be clicked every time you wish to use it.  Go Back  Back to Business Directory

Q: I'm the owner of one of the places listed and the information is incorrect.  How do I fix it?

A: Go to the page where the information is incorrect.  On the right is a button bar with a choice of 'Modify Listing'. Clicking on this will take you to a page and load the information into editable text fields. At this point you can correct the misinformation. Once you do this and submit it we will receive an email stating you wish to have these changes made. Be sure to leave your email address or a valid telephone number so we can contact you and confirm that you really wish to have this changed. Response is usually within 24 hours. Once we have confirmed your request the changes will be made.

Q: I went to my site but it's not rated. Why?

A: Ratings are made available to anyone that visits your site. Precautions are taken that someone can't sit and repeatedly rate your site. Sites that have no ratings are returned as 'Not Yet Rated'. Sites that have one to nine ratings are returned as 'Rating is Pending'. Sites that have 10 more ratings have those ratings added together and then averaged to return the overall rating of that location. If you want more ratings, tell your friends or customers.   Go Back

Q: Why is it that when I click on the 'MapBlast' button it can't find that location?

A: There can be several reasons this can occur. The address could be wrong and therefore doesn't exist so the map software can't find it. The same is true for addresses that aren't specific enough (i.e, 3 miles south on Road 91). Sometimes the address is so remote or new that the map software can't locate it. Those listings with Post Office Boxes aren't even given the opportunity to be mapped. Go Back

Q: I'm a business owner or provide a service and I can't find my listing. How can I get listed in your directory?

It's possible that you may already be there. We might have your name misspelled or we might have you listed in the wrong place. It's also possible that you haven't supplied any keywords for us to use as an index for your listing. You can try Searching for it or if you like you can email us here ysldirectory@syix.com and we'll look for you. Of course, it's also possible that we just don't have a listing for you. At any place in the Yuba Sutter Directory you can click on the 'Add Your Business' button (or click here) where you will be taken to a form that allows your to put in your demographics. Upon confirming your information your listing will be entered into the live database and indexed so people or customers can find you.  Go Back

Q: I notice that some listings have a link to their own web page. How can I do this?

A: If you don't have your own web presence we can provide you with one. Anything from a personalized one page web presence to a full blown E-Commerce site complete with a shopping cart, a secure channel for customers to safely order through and a friendly 'do it yourself' web interface so you update it at any time. Call us at (530) 755-1751 or email us at yslsales@syix.com We can build a site for you to your specifications.

In the case you already have your own web site you simply need to go to your listing, click on the 'Modify Listing' button and fill in your URL. As soon as we confirm your information we will update your listing so that people can click on a link to take them to your home page.  Go Back

Q: How do I get one of those banners I see at the top of some pages so I can direct local people or customers to my web site

A: Call us at (530) 755-1751 or email us at yslbanner@syix.com. We can create a personalized banner for you, even with your logo on it or you can supply your own banner. Banners can be directed to only show up under certain categories (for example, if you own a resturant the you can have your banner appear while people are looking for places to eat) or anywhere at any time. You can even have your banner linked to a web site so when someone clicks on your banner it will take them to your web page (in the example above you could display your menu to potential customers). Self supplied banners must meet a specific size. Call us for details. 

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Q: Who do we give special thanks to?

A: Ted Thorhill for releasing source code to MapBlast and allowing us to use it for free.  Go Back

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