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Welcome to Yuba Sutter Life
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YUBA SUTTER LIFE IS PROUD TO JOIN the World Wide Web! We are excited about and feel it is a great way to communicate to citizens in the Yuba Sutter area about the programs and services offered in our communities.

YUBA SUTTER LIFE PROVIDES everyone with a full range of services that impact the quality of life in our community. We invite you to visit our web site often. You'll find that information is continuously updated to keep you current on our ever-improving Communities.

IN THE COMMUNITY PAGES you will find Local Events, local government listings, parks & recreation information, public transportation, the most common utility telephone numbers, winning lottery numbers, 5 day weather forecast, and more!

THE BUSINESS DIRECTORY is a comprehensive listing of business' in the Yuba Sutter area. Need to find a business in a hurry, our business directory along with a map to the business makes it quick and easy for you to find it! Many of the business' have webpages, so you can see what they have to offer all in the comfort of your home. No more spending your days driving from business to business! You can search the directory by a word or you can browse through the directory by categories.

UNDER PEOPLE you will find a place to sell your yard sale items, talk about community projects/resources, or just chat with others in our local community.

Need a calendar to plan your events, check out our pop-up calendar. It pops up in a window so you can have it visible for use no matter where you go on the net.

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